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To whoever is the villain in Thor 3: the experiments performed by my nephews have showed he has an extreme resistance to death by blunt force, but an inexpected weakness to stabbing.

This has been a PSA.

oh god whyy?? There’s another Wolverine movie coming up. Stop it Fox, you shat on the X-men franchise when you insisted on making “X3 - The Last Stand” despite of losing the director and screenwriters to Superman Returns, don’t  make the same mistake of rushing things! If you plan to continue making X-men movies you should reboot it! we want reboot! we want reboot!!

With that movie Fox shat on a huge event like the whole Dark Phoenix story arc, where they took this HUGE GALACTIC problem that the Phoenix Force brought, because it’s an immortal, invincible entity that can fuck up and/or modify parts of the universe, and they reduced it to a political issue between Americans vs Bad mutants vs Good mutants. Seriously? from “Fucks up parts of the universe” to “kills off a few people” oh wow. such a scary villain. That movie shat on Cyclops, on Jean Gray/Phoenix, on Psylocke, on Rogue, on Angel.


Then X-men Origins - Wolverine shat on Deadpool and Gambit. What are you doing with your cool characters? oh yeah, giving them 5 minutes of screen time in forgettable plots. And they used a Scott Summers in that movie? wtf srsly? if that movie happens on 1973, and assuming scott had at least what? 13 years? 15 years? was he born in 1960? so he was 41 in the first X-men film? Nah bro!


They also put Emma Frost in there too, when X-men first class happened in 1962 yet she looks much younger in 1973. This wouldn’t be an issue if they had just rebooted the “future” X-men for Days of Future Past, but insising on using the old ones mean it’s the same timeline and shows us Fox is just pulling movies out of their ass.

X-men first class was cool but THAT’S NOT THE FIRST CLASS!! of course they had to go with different mutants, because in the age of reboots they refuse to change the fact that they screwed up Jean Gray and Cyclops, which ARE part of the first class. Also Bobby and Angel, but they already made them supporting cast in the previous X-films so they needed new blood.

(Actual first class: Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Jean Gray, Iceman)

Careful Fox, don’t get too greedy, X-men Days of Future Past miiiiight bring the franchise back to life after the colossus colossal fuck ups that were X3 and XO-Wolverine, and Bryan Singer has teased us with an Apocalypse movie, so don’t go back into rushing movies because of “reasons”!

Play along with Marvel Studios and finish it with a bang for an Avengers vs. Xmen film. Wolverine vs. Hulk on IMAX? now THAT’s something worth watching! Marvel is bringing Scarlet Witch so an antire Decimation event could happen! yes! please! but more Wolverine killing off random bad guys is boooooring as Fuck!

/Rant off!


art by nebezial

Planning my next wave of Iphone Cases

And the Theme will be:

I wasn’t sure about making an Avengers wave because, let’s face it, there are a SHITLOAD of Avengers cases on RedBubble, but oh well, let’s see if I can make them different enough for people to be interested in these. Right now I’m in the planning stages where I’m just downloading a lot of pics for reference, but I can tell you one thing, I’m gonna start with this dude’s costume. Movie version:






This is the best thing I’ve seen all day.


Avengers + Dr Who + Sherlock + Supernatural = #DEAD

Happy Birthday!


#eheheehe brother you are so handsome and godly

#*casually steals mjolnir and takes over universe*


Puny Gods!

He’s like “What? You’ve never seen someone taking an eye out?”



sure, if you want

yes please


evolution of tony’s sexy hair



FAVOURITE TOM HIDDLESTON PHOTOSHOOT - I will make your ovaries explode Untitled by (?) for 1883 magazine
(I know that Loki is not techincally an Avenger so Tom shouldn’t be included in this series, but he’s such a big part of the movie and I have so much fun looking for the photoshoots that I decided to include him as well. Just enjoy the view




Right in the feels..