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Venus McFlytrap repaint by ~EngelMech


Please to Meet Cafuliett - Custom Monster High Frankie Stein by me.

More information and pictures at this link > LINK


love is faithful by ~DemonPassion

I want her sooooo bad :(


Hey community, i just wanted to tell you what my friends and i have been doing to bypass the scalpers, specifically the Toys R Us ones. 

we know Toys R Us has this one scalper that comes in and she is a blatant one- tells everyone she sells on ebay. we know her from her beanie baby days so we know she has been around. so a few friends of mine have gathered and every wednesday we go to toys r us before they open- an hour before hand just to sit and bs, then once the doors open we make a mad dash and grab everything new. once she leaves we put everything back the way it was, make our purchase (today i bought a fashion pack for my friend so we dont waste everyone’s time)  the manager loves what we are doing (says we even made the section even nicer than the stoker.) seems hes gotten several complaints about her from other folks. apparently she went to the manager and complained- manager said there was nothing he could do, we are customers as well.  

we started doing this for the kids that come in and are so distrought that there are no new things for them.

im hoping others take this and do the same, maybe then the kids can actually get what they want…. without having to pay an exuberant amount. 

That’s amazing!!!! can we all do a round of applauses for you guys? :D


New girl. ;D

she’s gorgeous. No it has NOTHING to do with the fact that I also have Red and Black hair. not at all.