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So close yet to far!

My lil’ Gambit’s costume is done!! don’t mind my ugly  hand stitches, aaaand I need to know how to attach lining to it because ewwwww the inside looks really fucking bad. In general I think the costumes look pretty nice.

Noooo I didn’t spend like at least 20 mins making them kiss just because they can’t do it (most of the time) in the comics.Nooope I didn’t. Not at all. Girl gotta dream y’know?

oh dear dolly hair, when will I ever order you? soon I promise. Stupid expensive stuff I need to buy first, they don’t let me indulge in my fandomness hahahahaha. And I haven’t practiced faceups in a while, i gotta do that too. Damn.

Next up: a Kitty Pryde costume for larry-stylinson-loves. I haven’t forgotten it! I swear!! I’ve just been massively busy with other stuff, it took me like 3 weeks to do the hem in gambit’s trenchcoat because I didn’t have the time :/ but I will! I’m really looking forward to it :) I also bought fabric to make Rogue’s Shi’ar uniform and the 2 Green ones she wears with the Avengers :)

Pattern ready!! He looks soooo manly with his flowery trench coat. It’s couture darlings! Hahahaha

I had to experiment a little with the collar, that’s why it looks kinda puffy. And I used a different thread to see where I was stitching in case of emergencies. Tomorrow I’ll try to make it in the right fabric.

Also I made his boots with the same ribbon that I used for his belt and collar thingy. If you wanna do something like it just beware: buy ribbon wider than 5/8 in because I baaaaarely could fit the sole in the width of the ribbon. Don’t mind my ugly stitchings in the boots :S

I’m just finishing up the first paper pattern for Gambit’s trench coat. Please remind me why the fuck did I pick a character with a trench coat when I don’t have a lot of experience sewing?  I think the pattern’s gonna fit but oh my god I think I bit more than I can chew with this guy


If I ever get a yacht I’m naming it Remy
Remy LeBoat


X-Men Legacy #248 | Age of X Aftermath Part One (May 11, 2011)

“When it comes to love, reasons for and reasons against should fall away.  You should just know.  There’s no doubt for me.  No ambiguity.  I’ve loved many women, but none was like you.

Progress!!! I still need to make the little stripes on the side of his trousers. Or pants, whatever you call them, make the little mask thingy for his face and then I’ll start making the pattern for the trenchcoat.

I have no clue how I’m gonna make his boots but one problem at a time. Oh I also bought textile medium so maaaybe I could paint them? I really don’t know, I’ll let you know when I figure it out.

Finally some progress with my Gambit custom. Hunter looks sooooo pretty in that floral pattern right? hahhahah it’s some really cheap fabric I had . Aanyway I just finished adjusting the pattern! yaaay!

It’s not actually a full body suit, the top and the bottom are separate and I made the top long enough to tuck it inside the pants to make it seem like it’s a bodysuit because I’m gonna make myself a sleeveless shirt and a long sleeve shirt in case I wanna remove the trenchcoat.

You can’t really see the different parts in the first pic but I used photoshop to show how it’ll look with the appropiate colors. I think I’m gonna buy 1/4 in ribbon and sew it where the gray areas are  to make the gray tubular thingys he uses around the neck and the pants. (and it’ll hide the seams too, double win)

The blue collar was that took most me of the time, I wanted to make separate pieces and stitch them together, but I had a loooooot of sewing issues with that part, I couldn’t make it look good so fuck it, I superimposed the friggin collar and stitched it to the shirt underneath.

I forgot to take pics but the blue collar continues in the back as if it was one solid collar piece, the sections match perfectly and everything ♥ I like it when things go my way.

And that ass!!! hahahaaha I was using a Monster High pants pattern I bought from Requiem Art last year and I thought it was gonna be quite similar, but this dude has waaaaay bigger booty (He dooooooo) than MH boys.

Tomorrow I’m gonna babysit but I’ll try to sneak in some sewing when my nephew is asleep :D I hope I’ll finish it this week so I’ll start working on the trenchcoat next week :)

So it’s official now? Fucking Channing Tatum will play Gambit???? NOOOOOOOO!!!! :( crap crap crap crap crap


Admirateur - [French] admirer; follower; enthusiast; supporter; fan

Rogue’s costume is DONE! I can’t wait to reroot her. Her yellow colored hands and the black X circle on her boob were added on photoshop because I don’t wanna paint the hands aaaannd because I thought I had bought textile medium but it was a LIE! I don’t have any textile medium here soooo photoshop it is.

And today I just bought fabric to start working on Gambit’s uniform! I choose this purple instead of a bright pink because hmmmmm no I wasn’t feeling the fuschia tone they had, it was waaay too barbie-ish. But Gambit’s uniform will have to wait because I’m gonna be busy this weekend.

:3 I am happy with the results


This absurb nonsense of Channing Tatum as Gambit is the worst that can happen to this franchise, yes even with all these fucking horrible things they’ve done with the series.

  • Killing Scott was one fucking big mistake
  • Wolverine the protagonist of all the movies and erasing all the female leadership of Storm, Kitty and Jean in the movies
  • Doing a movie called “first class” WITHOUT THE ORIGINAL FIRST CLASS
  • turning the dark phoenix saga in this horrible movie with no plot whatsoever
  • All the Wolverine movies
  • getting a random mutant in XM3 called Psylocke and do nothing with her
  • Quicksilver costume in DOFP
  • Making it seems like Mystique can be redemmed just because Jennifer Lawrence is playing her.

But Channing Tatum playing Remy-fucking- Lebeau is another level  of stupidity


Deep down, you all knew what was going to happen ;)


Gambit and Rogue by Mike Choi / Tumblr